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For Handicappers

As a sports handicapper, you need credibility.  Bettors do not mind paying for picks but they want to pay handicappers that actually win their plays.  In an industry full of crooks and scam artists, it is very hard to convince potential clients that you are for real unless you are monitored by a third party.  In reality, you are only as good as your amount of units won in this business and that will never change.  On this site you can be assured that if you prove yourself, potential clients will find you!  Some benefits of being monitored by us:

  • Over 70,000 Followers on Twitter
  • An even playing ground for all of our handicappers
  • An easy auto-grading system to place your wagers
  • A 100% transparent record that is easily sortable
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For Clients

In this business you are only as good as the amount of units you have won.  It is a bottom line business and frankly there is no room for salesman with slick one liners and lofty promises.  If a handicapper can make money, people will follow and that will always be true.  The problem is, it is hard to know who's record is real and who's is fake.  We have taken care of that problem for you.

On this site, our handicappers' records are 100% accurate and 100% transparent.  The records are sortable so you can see how they have done in the last week, month, year or even all-time.  The records cannot be manipulated in any way by the handicappers so the record you see is the actual record of the handicapper you are researching.  We believe this to be the ONLY way to do business in an industry full of not-so-honest salesmen.  If you agree, then this site is perfect for you!



Upcoming Events - MLB
Colorado Rockies
+1.5 (-145)
Over 9 (-110)
Arizona Diamondbacks
-1.5 (+125)
Under 9 (-110)
4/28/20179:40 PM EST
Upcoming Events - MLB
Philadelphia Phillies
+1.5 (-140)
Over 8 (-110)
Los Angeles Dodgers
-1.5 (+120)
Under 8 (-110)
4/28/201710:10 PM EST
Upcoming Events - MLB
San Diego Padres
+1.5 (-175)
Over 7.5 (+100)
San Francisco Giants
-1.5 (+151)
Under 7.5 (-120)
4/28/201710:15 PM EST
Upcoming Events - NHL
Edmonton Oilers
+1.5 (-270)
Over 5 (-130)
Anaheim Ducks
-1.5 (+220)
Under 5 (+110)
4/28/201710:38 PM EST
Upcoming Events - NBA
Los Angeles Clippers
+5.5 (-105)
Over 193.5 (-110)
Utah Jazz
-5.5 (-115)
Under 193.5 (-110)
4/28/201710:38 PM EST
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